We are so excited to have finally received the announcement from the Government that we can re-open our local community leisure centres at Cascades, Cygnet and Swanscombe as from 25th July 2020.

Since the 20th March, when we were instructed to close the leisure centres, we have been working hard to ensure we are able to re-open the leisure centres as and when we were allowed to, and I am pleased to say that we will be re-opening our gyms, group class programmes, badminton and squash courts on 25th July 2020.  The re-opening of the other areas such swimming pools, health suites, creches and catering areas will hopefully follow shortly.

We have made many adjustments at the leisure centres so as to fully comply with the strict Government guidelines for re-opening leisure centres and it is our ultimate aim to re-open in the safest way possible so as to protect the health and wellbeing of all our valued members and users.

Some changes you may find at your leisure centre……..

 Gyms – Group Classes – Badminton – Squash re-open 

Our Step-1 approach to re-opening Cascades, Cygnet and Swanscombe Leisure Centres will initially be to only open back up our gyms, group class programmes badminton and squash courts to the local communities they serve.

Once our business starts to recover from the catastrophic situation we have just survived and with possible further lockdown restrictions being eased by the Government, we will re-open the other areas such as swimming pools, health suites, creches and catering outlets but until then, they will remain unavailable for use.

Step-1 has been developed by a task force that has the necessary professional expertise to put in place comprehensive systems and procedures that comply fully with guidance from the Government, the Chief Medical Officer and a range of sport and industry Governing Bodies. These systems and procedures will enhance GCLL’s already high standards to build further confidence and reassurance to our staff, members, and users to safely return to our leisure centres.

Step 1 will be continually monitored/reviewed on a day to day basis with any changes being published to the local community via GCLL’s online platforms.

The following are the initial key operational elements of Step-1:

  • The Step 1 opening hours of the leisure centres are reduced from prior to the leisure centres closing. The revised opening times will ensure we are able to provide the highest levels of customer service in a safe and clean environment.

The initial opening hours for the leisure centres are:

Mon:     6am to 9pm

Tue:       6am to 9pm

Wed:     6am to 9pm

Thu:       6am to 9pm

Fri:          6am to 6pm

Sat:        8am to 2pm

Sun:       8am to 2pm


  • All-Inclusive members will be required to pre-book online at our website gcll.co.uk or via the iScuba app for their gym, group class session, badminton or squash court as there will be a reduced number of spaces available. Members can book their sessions 8-days in advance.


  • Other members will be required to pre-book and pay at the time of booking there will be no ‘pay later’ option. Members can book online via our website or the iScuba app for their gym, group class session, badminton or squash 7 days in advance


  • Non-members will be required to pre-book and pay online at our website gcll.co.uk for their gym, group class session, badminton or squash court. Non-members can book their sessions 6-days in advance.


  • There will be NO ‘turn up, pay then play’ sessions available.


  • New members wishing to join can only do so via our online portal located at our website gcll.co.uk. No new memberships will be administered on site.


  • Each bookable gym session will be for a maximum of 1½ hours. This will include allowance for safe arrival to the leisure centre, safe movement through the leisure centre, safe changing, and safe leaving from the leisure centre.


  • Initially users will only be allowed to book one session per day, per site i.e. one gym session or one group class or one badminton court or one squash court per site, per day. This is due to our commitment and compliance to social distancing and will also ensure everyone gets their fair share of usage, all in a safe environment.


  • Users will be encouraged to check-in at reception as close to their booked session time as possible and to vacate the leisure centre as quickly as possible after their booked session. This will help keep the number of people in the leisure centre at any one time, to an absolute minimum.


  • Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 e.g. a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste, or live with someone who has any of these symptoms, MUST NOT attend the leisure centres.


  • All toilet and hand washing facilities will be available, but shower areas will not be available.


  • Lockers will be available but only usable under strict social distancing measures. Lockers will be operated on a £1 return basis. It would be even better if you attended ‘ready to go’.


  • Hand sanitising points will be available throughout the leisure centre with users being encouraged to wash/sanitise their hands as often as possible.


  • Disinfectant wipes will be available for users to wipe equipment down before and after use.


  • Water dispensing machines will be available in the gyms as well as bottled water via our card payment only vending machines.


  • A social distance queuing system will be in place prior to arriving at the main reception point. This may require users queuing outside of the leisure centre for a short period of time.


  • A Perspex glass screen will be in place at the main reception point.


To be the first to hear about any other planned developments, please note they will be published on here and our Facebook platform, so please lookout for this information on a regular basis.

We have really missed you all and look forward so much to seeing you all soon.

Rob Swain – Managing Director